Friday, July 4, 2008


Eight Things I Have A Passion For:
1. Cooking- but not if I HAVE to, I hate having to make dinner, if I GET to make something fun then I love it.
2. My Family – all of them
3. Music-I love to sing and would love to one day take some lessons. I’m not so sure I have the greatest voice but I think I could be pretty good with some training.
4. My home- I really feel it’s a reflection on me. I want it to feel comfortable and welcoming at all times. Of course right now it reflects that I’m a mess but that will change in a few hours!
5. Gardening- I want my yard to be a heaven on earth and I love a well kept up yard. I guess this comes from my mother who has accomplished this feat.
6. Dancing- love love love to do ballroom, luckily, sushi does as well!
7. Foreign Cultures and Cuisine
8. Reading- not enough time to do this, when I read I get totally sucked in and I pay for it by playing catch up for a few days.

Eight Things I Would Like To Do Before I Die:
1. Travel the world – what an amazing place! I want to see it all
2. Finish my degree- I worry what we would do if something happened to sushiboy, how would I support three kids?
3. Have no debt , die with all my bills paid
4. Become a Pampered Chef director and help our family with income.
5. Be able to do crafts again- I love to crosstitch and I recently discovered quilting, I also love to tollpaint.
6. Contribute something meaningful to the World, doesn't need to be big, if it is a legacy that helps out my kids it will be enough.
7. Get my stomach muscles back as well as get to my healthy weight. I weigh more that I look like I do, got to change that as much as is healthy.
8. Do the expansion on our house, either that or get our dream house, it could happen very easily in our current house with an expansion, just not sure it would be worth the cost. We don’t want a huge house, just a tiny bit bigger.

Eight Things I Say A Lot:
1. "I guess I need to take away priviledges"
2. "I said stop"
3. "I love you"
4. "I’m tired"
5. "I must be crazy, why are we having another one?"-(we really do love our kids and are glad to have them, this is only when one is throwing a tantrum.)
6. "Is it 8:30 yet?"
7. "I guess I better get going"
8. “Hello, this is Superwoman with the Pampered chef, I was just calling to see if you would like me to come to your home and host a show so you can earn free products” – at least three or four times a day.

Eight Books I Have Read Recently:
1. Twilight
2. The Book of Mormon
3. The Host
4. Lord of Chaos
5. New Moon
6. Eclipse
7. Two different childrens books every night
8. Conception, Pregnancy and Birth

Eight Movies I Have Seen Eight Times:
1. Pretty much all the Disney Princess movies- mabey not in full but they are on once a day.
2. Happy Gilmore
3. The Princess Bride
4. Any barbie movies same as #1, cakes watches one or the other.
5. White Christmas – with Bing Crosby and Danny Kaye, great show.
6. A Muppet Christmas Carol
7. Fiddler on the Roof
8. Seven Brides for Seven Brothers

Eight Bloggers I'll Tag
1. Bon
2. Cheer 34
3. Scarlet Spider
4. Amy at Mishmash
5. licoricestick lady
6. Karen
7. Mel
8. Whoever else wants to.

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