Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Does anybody want a dog????

Well, I know there are a lot of great dog owners out there. We need to get rid of Jewel. She is just too much for me to take care of. The kids are afraid of her because like most labs she likes to jump and play a little rough. She is such a sweet good dog though. She doesn't mean to hurt, she just wants to play. She's smart and really wants to please you. I feel terrible getting rid of her but I would feel worse taking her to the humane society because I know she would most likely just be euthanized because she's not a cute little puppy and she's big. She's been spayed and had her shots, she even has a microchip. The one thing I learned from having Jewel is that we thought we were big dog people and we are not. Apparently we need a small dog that will be able to go into it's crate while we're gone and come interact with us while we're home. I put an ad on our local classifieds but we'll see if anything comes of that. I tried that once. I want her to go to a good home, there are a lot of pit fighting rings around here and I don't want her to go to one of those. It would be more humane for her to be euthanized than to be ripped apart by a mean dog. She's not a mean dog, she's great. So, any takers????


Lisita said...

Good luck, that's a hard situation! Hope you find the dog a good home. :)

Cheer34 said...

OMGosh I so would if I lived closer to you......I have 5 dogs now 2 labs please please please do not put her down.....call your animal shelter to find out if they can help....also contact Petco there is one near you some times they sponsor adoption days...they may also they may know of an organization to help you.

Superwoman said...

lisita- thanks, it is hard, especially for a big dog

cheer- don't worry, at the very least her basic needs are being met here and I don't plan on having her put down. I just feel bad because I don't think you should have a dog just sitting in your back yard being ignored and that's pretty much what is happening to her. I feel terribly guilty. I just don't have the time, strength, energy, etc to take care of her.