Friday, September 26, 2008

Nothing new. . . .

After all the hype surrounding the presidential candidates debate tonight I expected more. Pretty much they just spouted off exactly what we've been hearing from each respective candidate and nothing new was learned. I think if you were a McCain supporter before you're a McCain supporter now, if you were an Obama supporter before you're still an Obama supporter. Yep, just expected. . . I don't know. . . something that would reveal more about who the candidates are and what they truly stand for. Hummm, well, that was a waste of time.

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Scarlet said...

We have televised debates here when its election time. They are ..well...pretty useless. I hate the media posing/build up of elections

You're right, if you are a supporter of "A" before, you'll be a supporter of "A" after the debate.

I actually went to and it gave me a better understanding of all the candidates without the media posing.