Monday, September 15, 2008

The ox in the mire

Normally we try not to do yard work or anything like that on sunday, other than church we try to keep it a day of rest. We do things like visit family or just spend time together with our little family. However, when I got home yesterday from church I noticed that there was water everywhere coming from our roof in the back. I grabbed sushi and told him he needed to climb on the roof and see what was going on. When he got up there he noticed the rain gutters had filled up with gunk even though I had cleaned them this spring. Thankfully water wasn't gushing from the swamp cooler. We decided since he was up there already he could just winterize the swamp cooler (that may be broken, the motor seems to be having issues) since we probably won't need it again this year. We may have a day or so that we wished it was still working but we'll deal with it. We've also had a problem with wasps on our deck all summer. But we couldn't find the nest. So, sushi starts cleaning gutters thinking they may be the problem. He gets over to an s-curve that leads down and got stung about 5 times. Apparently, that's where the wasps nest was. So we had to spray the nest and string a hose up there and cut branches away from the roof and clean gutters out thoroughly, wasps nest and all. Now we just have to watch it carefully for the next few days so they don't build another nest. I really hate wasps. they're just pest in my humble opinion. At least a lot got accomplished. Too bad we had to pull the ox out of the mire.


BigSister said...

Holy Crap! What a mess. I'm sorry Sushiboy got stung, but I'm glad that you got it all taken care of. What a crazy weekend you guys had. I think it is time to winterize our swamp cooler as well.

G'ma Nasus said...

Oh the JOY of Home Ownership!!!

Well---it's worth it.

"There is no place like HOME!"

Lisita said...

What a pain, good luck!

Cheer34 said...

what's a swamp cooler?.....air conditioner?.....hope sushi boy is ok.....wasps are nasty little creatures