Friday, September 26, 2008

UGH, We all feel sick

Well, cakes has been sick for a few weeks now, she just seems to have this yucky cold that hangs on and on and won't go away, who knows, mabey it's allergies. Last night, right around bedtime my throat started to hurt. A LOT. Cakes woke up about an hour later and just kept crying and crying. I couldn't figure out anything coherent as to what was wrong but she just kept wiggling around like she was in pain. I gave her some childrens tylenol cold and she went to sleep the rest of the night. I didn't get so lucky. I was in pain and up every couple of hours. Sushi informed me this morning his throat hurts too. I went to the doctors to make sure I didn't have strep, thank goodness I don't. But, it looks like three of the four of us all have the same yucky cold. Ugh. Too bad I have a crazy weekend. Tomorrow I have a practice for the primary program in the morning and a pampered chef show in the afternoon and Sunday I have the primary program so we need to be at church early. I also need to come up with something fun to do during singing time. Well, at least I don't have strep and I don't need to completely quarantine the family but man, my throat sure hurts. I'm going to go get some tylenol cold and benedryl (my doctor says if you gargle with it that will help with the sore throat). Mabey I can sleep Saturday and Sunday afternoon.


BigSister said...

I'm sorry you're not feeling well. That's way no good. Good luck with the primary program - and rest every moment you get.

Katie said...

As if being pregnant doesn't give you enough to deal with! I hope you guys feel better soon!