Wednesday, October 8, 2008

December 2 it is

Well, the doctors appointment went well today. The doctor measured my belly and I am still measuring large but that is because the baby's head is just below my belly button sticking out instead of engaged in my pelvis. He didn't want to do another ultrasound because he said it basically wouldn't tell us anything relevant. We did schedule the c-section with the hospital for Dec 2 early in the morning. So, unless I go into labor or something that will definitely be the day! I just really didn't want to have a baby right before thanksgiving. The baby and I would have missed all the big family thanksgiving feasts because there are only so many ways you can politely say "no, you may not hold my baby". I normally don't worry so much about germs but with baby coming right at the beginning of RSV season I am worried this time. People also just aren't very considerate sometimes around new babies. They do things like want to hold them and put their faces right in the baby's face even though they have a cold, or they let their child who has a snotty, goopy nose play with the baby or they put their fingers in the baby's mouth and let the baby suck on them. So, I am happy to say I don't have to deal with all that! I will be able to go to a good thanksgiving dinner and visit with family and not have to worry about having a sick baby.


Chris and Lesley said...

I totally understand you not wanting to have the baby just before Thanksgiving. I had that same issue last year. It isn't easy to tell people no. I had to come to the conclusion that it was MY baby and I had the right to say no. I had to keep my baby's best interest at heart. I am happy for you! Good luck with it all!

BigSister said...

If I promise to wash my hands and not sneeze on it, can I hold the baby? I promise to be good and not fight with my brother and do all my work first too.