Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Sigh, I guess that's the end of the gym

Well, I suppose the decision has been made for me. I had a rough weekend with feeling contractions and such and it seems I can't walk more than three or four minutes without feeling contractions so, I guess it's time to put the gym membership on hold. I would rather take it easy than be put on bedrest. I'm going today to put everything on hold and stuff but I think I'm done until after baby comes. I had this silly hope that I could go right up until right before I had the baby but it would seem that isn't going to happen. My trainer is going to give me some exercises that I can do at home to maintain where I am at and we do have the treadmill here now but I just think I probably won't be doing much of those two things. I did make it 30 weeks. I am 7 months pregnant and I feel pretty good about making it this far. I just wish I could have lasted longer. Oh well, getting a baby here at the right time and being healthy are the important things and to keep going would defeat both of those purposes. I need to get a picture of myself at 30 weeks (even though I'm measuring 3 weeks early). My poor sister was due on Sunday and nothing is happening. I wish we could trade places! I guess keeping up with my busy life of kids, house, church callings, and pampered chef will have to be enough for me for the next few months! I think that should be enough.

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