Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Happy Days

The last few days have been fun, yesterday I never did get myself outside to finish yard stuff, mabey today. Cookiemonster and I have this game we play where I say "do you know I love you?" and usually he will giggle and say "yes, I know" and I say "that's good because I love you forever". Last night when I asked him if he knew I loved him he said "yes, I mean no" (this usually means he needs to hear me tell him how much I love him and what I love about him), I giggled and said, "no! why not" his reply was "do you love me more than you?" and I told him yes, then he started asking if I love him more than whatever silly thing he could see, the silliest being "do you love me more than cupcake wrappers?" and I told him of course, it was such a cute moment. He was very happy to know that I loved him more than cupcake wrappers.

Cakes went to a farm today for preschool. It sounds like it was a pretty cool farm, not only did she see the typical things (ducks, chickens, cows, horses, etc) she saw a baby llama and some baby kangaroos that were hopping around. She was so excited that she got to ride on the school bus too. I debated seriously about whether to keep her home today, she still has the goopy nose but decided that since she doesn't have many field trips I better let her go. I'm glad I did, now I hope she didn't get other kids sick!

Cookiemonster is starting to figure out phonics, it's fun to hear him practicing the sounds the letters make, he's already starting to figure out some reading on his own, we'll see if he takes off now.

Sushiboy is taking his final on thursday, wish him luck! I know he'll do great, he has been pulling straight A's so far, I'm sure whatever he does it will be wonderful. I'm so glad to have such a smart, motivated husband.

That's about it around the sushiboy household, perhaps I can accomplish some of the remaining yard work today and get the house picked up. Wish me luck!

Monday, April 21, 2008

Guest after guest

This weekend was another busy weekend. On Saturday I woke up early and went grocery shopping and then we had some friends come over for a BBQ around 11:30. They stayed until about 3 pm and then we had some other friends come over for our international night. Sushiboy wanted to do Spanish food so we make some Paella and our friends made some Tapa's. The recipe we used for the Paella was not a very good one, I would not recommend using Tyler Florences' Paella recipe from the food network site. However, the tapa's were good. They left around 8:30 or 9 pm and we cleaned up and went to bed. Sunday we woke up, and cookiemonster and I went to church while cakes and sushiboy stayed home because cakes had a goopy bugger nose and sushiboy had a bad headache. Then I came home, made a salad, went to choir practice and all of us except sushiboy went to my parents. My family has a tradition that the third sunday of every month we all try to get together for dinner. That was fun. Then we came home and went to bed. Today I have gone to the gym and that is pretty much it. I am SO tired. This weekend was not relaxing at all. I'm trying to psych myself out enough to go finish some stuff in the yard but instead I'm blogging. Lucky you!

Friday, April 18, 2008

What did you do today?

Today was an exhausting day. My mom came down again and we finished spring cleaning the upstairs, we washed the walls in the master bedroom and bathroom, cleaned the carpets in the kids rooms and the master bedroom, and rearranged the master bedroom. I like the new arrangement better, we'll see what sushiboy thinks of it. We also planted 50 strawberry plants, 20 asparagus plants, tilled the garden, planted potatoes, peas, lettuce, beets, onions, and corn. Then we pruned all the fruit trees in the yard. I am about ready to drop but so grateful to have such a great Mom to help me out. Here's to a long hot bath and a good nights sleep!

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

From Hot to cold

Sunday and Monday were glorious, they were seventy five degrees and eighty degrees, today is is thirty degrees with snow that is sticking. Cookiemonster woke up last night puking, I diddn't get much sleep last night, today I just took it easy, all of us did. The kids let the TV and videogames babysit them and I read and took care of everything else that came up. He does seem to be a little better today though. Enjoy the pic of the back yard!
April 14 2008

Friday, April 11, 2008

Cakes' Knee Surgery

Today Cakes and Cookiemonster got into a little tiff. Cakes started it by hitting, kicking and poking her brothers eyes. He responded by bitting her knee, not very hard but hard enough to get her to leave him alone (and he immediately told her he was sorry). Cakes came running into me and kept bawling and bawling about how much her knee hurt. I decided to try to get her to laugh and told her "oh, that's too bad, do you need knee replacement surgery?" and her reply was "yes, I want a purple one"!

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

meet the other mii

hello all, this is the animated version of me, of course she is much cuter than me but apparently they only make great looking mii's!
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Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Spring and Open House

Whew, I took this picture before the snow fell, it just looked so beautiful with the yellow and purple. I have been busy. I have an Open House for my one year anniversary with Pampered Chef on thursday and I have been doing spring cleaning on top of planning for that. My mom came down on Monday and we washed walls, cleaned light fixtures, washed down cupboards, moved furniture and cleaned behind/underneath it, and washed windows, it was a lot of work but my house feels so much cleaner now, it even smells cleaner. Well, enjoy the picture and hope spring is on it's way where you are too.

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Capital Reef trip narration

I decided that since I have quite a few pictures the slideshow would be the best option for showing them all, Here is a rundown of the trip loosely following the slideshow. We got there the first night(thursday) and heater in my parent's tent trailer wasn't working. The day was nice but the night was so cold I thought we would all freeze to death! Luckily it was working wonderfully the second night. The first day (friday) we decided to go on the Cohab Cayon trail, most of the pictures I took are pictures from there. Cohab Canyon is a canyon that the polygamyst woud go up to hide in, there are caves and holes everywhere, it is a great place to hide. Along the way Cookiemonster discovered all the holes and started calling them his "houses" he also discovered what he named the "sand slide" . He had a lot of fun, we also went into a very narrow side canyon and cookiemonster enjoyed that. Cakes spent a lot of time playing in the sand. We saw a crazy log that looked like a giant lizard coming at us, and my brother discovered some snow and kept the kids going by having them chase after snowballs. When we got to the end of hike number one we had lunch and everyone fell asleep on the warm rocks except Cakes, Cookiemonster, my brother and my Dad who went on a "lizard hunt" that pretty much means they ran around and made lots of noise. Friday was also my Mom's birthday and we tried to make life easy on her that day, we had dinner ready when she came back and we sang Happy Birthday to her. The last day (saturday) we went on another hike to Hickman's Bridge. It was a fun trail, we saw an Anasazi grain holder , played in a lot of cool washes where the water had cut into the rocks and I took a picture of why capital reef is called capital reef, the tall round rock looks like the capital dome on top of an ocean reef. We had a great time and it was a wonderful short but sweet trip.

Capital Reef trip