Friday, February 13, 2009


Wow, I have spent the morning doing figures. You see, I use cloth diapers. I feel like it's my own little way to help save the planet. That being said, I understand completely why people use disposable diapers, I use them when we will be out and about or when we have a sitter come. I also use cloth diapers because it is so much cheaper. Babies don't cost us that much more around here, I breastfeed, I use cloth diapers and I make my own baby food. Well, the other day when I went to get plastic pants for tank I discovered that plastic pants are incredibly difficult to find now. I could only find them at babies r us which is about a half hour from our house. Plus, the material they are made from has changed to this stuff called PEVA, which I have discovered is not nearly as durable as the vinyl they used to be made of. So, I decided perhaps I should look into making some diaper covers since the cost of buying the diaper covers is about $12-15 each. We're not sure if we will have more children so I don't want to put a lot of money into baby stuff. WOW, to MAKE them my mother and I figured it would cost us about $10-11 each. The major cost being the PUL and the fold over elastic. To buy plastic pants it is $5 for three pairs of plastic pants, even if I have to replace the plastic pants twice (I like to have six pairs on hand, so if I had to buy twelve pairs for each size) it would cost $60 for plastic pants from a size small up until a size large. Add that to the cost of making folding diapers when Cookie was born ($100) and it is sooo much cheaper to just keep buying the plastic pants. The cost for one child in cloth diapers at the current price? $160.00. That should last me about two years. I'll stick to the current system.


leslie the licorice stick lady said...

I have some vinyl pants we used for the girls when we potty trained them. I got them at Wal-Mart way in the back by the diapers and wipes in the baby section. They were hanging near the underwear/training pants, onsies etc. (Gerber brand) Anyway, if you don't want to make them, I'll let you use what I have. Disclaimer: They're not too boyish. They have butterflies and girly stuff on them. They are very pink and purple :)

G'ma Nasus said...

What a dilemma, haven't thought about it in years. I searched online for quite some time and found lot's of EXPENSIVE solutions. Looks like your best bet is the cheepo Gerber stuff. Good luck!