Monday, February 9, 2009

Update on my foot

Well, I had my appointment with the podiatrist today, I do indeed have plantar fasciiatis. In fact it looks like I have had this problem for a while, I have a pretty bad case of it. My tissue is very thick on the bottom of my foot which indictes that I have had irritation from this for a long time. I also have a pretty large bone spur. It was pretty wild to see this piece of bone sticking out where it shouldn't have on the x-ray. So, long and short, I most likely don't need surgery for the bone spur (yeah!) but, I do need to get orthodics for my feet. Unfortunately, insurance doesn't cover them and they are about $300.00. I guess they're cheaper than surgery but eesh, I make a resolution to pay off debt and get ahead financially and the bills pour in. First it was the doctors bills from having Tank, then a bunch of our electronics broke and now I need to spend money on arch support. Yippee. I guess it's only money but it sure would be nice if I could save some and not just spend it all on things breaking (myself included!).


Fantastagirl said...

OUCH! (for the foot and the pocketbook!)

If it starts to be very painful - you might try doing an ice massage - rub ice directly on the bottom of your foot until the skin is a bright pink. (no longer than 5 min- and if your feet are ticklish like mine, than good luck!)

BigSister said...

I'm glad that they have something that will help it feel better but ouch on the money part. Nothing like bills to eat up all the money.

groovyoldlady said...

I've worn orthotics for many, many moons now. My first pair was quite expensive, but the ones I use now are from my podiatrist and are only $30 a pair.

I <3 them!

Superwoman said...

fantastagirl- yeah, if I think about the cost too much I get upset but it will all work out, it always does. Unfortuately, my feet are quite ticklish, the cheap arch supports are helping a lot so I'm sure the orthotics will help even more.

big sister- yeah, isn't there some scripture about opposition in all things? (hee hee) I really feel like I'm trying to follow the counsel to get out of debt so I'm getting a little opposition, this too shall pass.

groovy- these are from my podiatrist and they ARE $300.00, mabey I should come to your podiatrist! I think they will help tremendously. I'm actually a little excited to have them help with the pain.