Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Great movie

Wow, I just got done watching The Secret Life of Bees. What a great show. It was touching and delt with such a difficult time in American History. I highly recommend it. Go get it, I just got it at redbox, it was definitely worth the $1.00 rental. I think I would even have felt like it was worth going to the theatre which for me is a pretty high recommendation.


Lisita said...

I'm glad to hear that, I've got it on hold at the library. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

it really followed the book, as well. one of my favorites.

Katie said...

The book was great and I always wonder how the movies will turn out(they're never as good) - I'm glad you liked it ... I'll have to go see it!

Meritt said...

I've never seen that one but it was in the back of my mind to watch sometime when I was alone as I know it's not one the husband wants to see. :)

Superwoman said...

lisita- you'll enjoy it. It has a happier ending, not joyful, but happier.

teri- I want to read the book now.

katie- I agree, but since I haven't read the book I thought it was great

meritt-it's definitly more of a chic flick, there were a lot of emotions involved! lol