Thursday, February 26, 2009

still here

I have been so busy and tired, but I am still alive and breathing, if only just. . .

Friday, February 20, 2009

A sad day for the state of Utah

One of the great men in our community passed away today. Most people outside of Utah would know him as the owner of the Utah Jazz. He contributed greatly to the state of Utah and will be missed. Here is the link to the story.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Yeah! They came today!

Here they are, tanks two month pictures, enjoy! He is such a fun, cute baby!

Monday, February 16, 2009


I had tank's two month pictures taken last monday, I am supposed to get the pictures emailed to me. They turned out really cute. I wish they would come. That is all.

Friday, February 13, 2009

Happy Self Love Day

I stole this from hoosiergirl5.


I love how I follow through on things. If I make a goal I will do all in my power to accomplish that goal but I also realize that sometimes my best is all I can do even if I didn't accomplish all I wanted to. Let me know something that you love about me!

If YOU want to participate, here’s how the whole thing works:

1.) You’re gonna grab yourself a banner. If you don’t like the one I’ve used in this post, you can find another one here.

2.) You’re gonna post that banner and then tell us all something that you really like LOVE about yourself (thus, the “self-love” portion of our program).

3.) Ask or beg your readers to post one thing that they too love about you!!! If your blog friends are nice, you shouldn’t have to beg…much.

4.) Enjoy yourself and spread the love by doing this on your blog! If you want to, drop me a line or a trackback so that I know you participated too!

Hope your valentines day is great!


Wow, I have spent the morning doing figures. You see, I use cloth diapers. I feel like it's my own little way to help save the planet. That being said, I understand completely why people use disposable diapers, I use them when we will be out and about or when we have a sitter come. I also use cloth diapers because it is so much cheaper. Babies don't cost us that much more around here, I breastfeed, I use cloth diapers and I make my own baby food. Well, the other day when I went to get plastic pants for tank I discovered that plastic pants are incredibly difficult to find now. I could only find them at babies r us which is about a half hour from our house. Plus, the material they are made from has changed to this stuff called PEVA, which I have discovered is not nearly as durable as the vinyl they used to be made of. So, I decided perhaps I should look into making some diaper covers since the cost of buying the diaper covers is about $12-15 each. We're not sure if we will have more children so I don't want to put a lot of money into baby stuff. WOW, to MAKE them my mother and I figured it would cost us about $10-11 each. The major cost being the PUL and the fold over elastic. To buy plastic pants it is $5 for three pairs of plastic pants, even if I have to replace the plastic pants twice (I like to have six pairs on hand, so if I had to buy twelve pairs for each size) it would cost $60 for plastic pants from a size small up until a size large. Add that to the cost of making folding diapers when Cookie was born ($100) and it is sooo much cheaper to just keep buying the plastic pants. The cost for one child in cloth diapers at the current price? $160.00. That should last me about two years. I'll stick to the current system.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Great movie

Wow, I just got done watching The Secret Life of Bees. What a great show. It was touching and delt with such a difficult time in American History. I highly recommend it. Go get it, I just got it at redbox, it was definitely worth the $1.00 rental. I think I would even have felt like it was worth going to the theatre which for me is a pretty high recommendation.

Monday, February 9, 2009

Update on my foot

Well, I had my appointment with the podiatrist today, I do indeed have plantar fasciiatis. In fact it looks like I have had this problem for a while, I have a pretty bad case of it. My tissue is very thick on the bottom of my foot which indictes that I have had irritation from this for a long time. I also have a pretty large bone spur. It was pretty wild to see this piece of bone sticking out where it shouldn't have on the x-ray. So, long and short, I most likely don't need surgery for the bone spur (yeah!) but, I do need to get orthodics for my feet. Unfortunately, insurance doesn't cover them and they are about $300.00. I guess they're cheaper than surgery but eesh, I make a resolution to pay off debt and get ahead financially and the bills pour in. First it was the doctors bills from having Tank, then a bunch of our electronics broke and now I need to spend money on arch support. Yippee. I guess it's only money but it sure would be nice if I could save some and not just spend it all on things breaking (myself included!).

Sunday, February 8, 2009


I was tagged by Hoosiergirl, I am supposed to write 10 honest things about me. So, here goes. . .

10 Honest things about me

1- I don’t like kids, especially little kids. I love my kids and don’t mind when other people’s kids come to visit but if I had to do daycare or teach little children everyday I would just want to shoot myself in the head. This leads to. . .

2- I teach the music for my calling (job) in my church. I actually love this but it’s only for about an hour once a week. I can handle this.

3- I have a secret dream of one day being in the Mormon Tabernacle Choir. I have lots of hours of music theory to learn if I am ever going to accomplish this but I feel like I have a pretty good voice and if I ever took voice lessons it could be pretty darn good. But, for now, I take care of the homefront, not my dreams.

4- I am terrified that something will happen to Sushiboy. We are just so dependent on him. Without him we have no income. If I was done with school I wouldn’t worry about this but with three young children now he better stick around! (don’t worry I don’t think he would leave, I just worry if he died or something)

5- I never want a huge house. We currently live in a 2100 sqft house and I think it’s pretty close to the perfect size house. I wouldn’t mind a bigger kitchen/dining room and downstairs family room and a master bathroom but I think if we had much more than about 25-2700 sqft I would hate it. It’s too much to clean and take care of!

6- I have a lot of acquaintances and very few close friends. Even though people think I’m a very social person it’s very hard for me to be social and it wears me out. Most people just kind of scratch the surface of who I am.

7- I hate self righteous people. We all have our problems, just be kind and accepting of people.

8- I have been wrong every time about what the gender of my children has been and sushi has been right every time. I guess my wires are crossed!

9- I come from a very large family. I have 4 sisters and 4 brothers. Yep, there’s 9 of us total. I tease my mother quite often that she wins and we won’t be breaking her record to which she replies “we didn’t plan on nine, we just took them as they came, one at a time”. I love being a part of a large family, it’s always an adventure!

10- I’m not a very creative person, I have to take inspiration from other people quite often and modify it for my life!

Enjoy! Happy Sunday.

Friday, February 6, 2009

The DVD/VCR saga

UUUUUUGGGGGHHHHH! I'm slightly frustrated. I have a very old tv, it only has ONE coaxial output and NO inputs. And the sound is going out so it's either really loud or quiet. However, the picture works so we still use it. Our solution has been that we just put the coaxial cable into the DVD/VCR combo and hook the coaxial cable from the cable company directly into the DVD/VCR combo and have the av outputs hooked up to a stereo. It has worked. This is the tv that cakes and cookie watch most often. Everything goes through the dvd/vcr combo. However, because it gets used quite often we often have to replace the combo unit. I had to replace it just a few days ago. However, after TWO DAYS of trying to figure this out I have discovered that they no longer make combo units with the coaxial input, this is all due to the digital switchover, blah blah yahdi yahdi crap. I have had to purchase a rf modulator just to have the combo unit work on the tv and now I can't even run my cable through the combo unit so the tv is either really loud or really quiet. This has been unbelievable frustrating. Something that should have consisted of getting a combo unit, go home, hook it up has instead turned into multiple trips to the store. I think we will just move the combo unit from our newer nicer tv downstairs upstairs and get a dvd player only for the tv downstairs. I'm returning the crappy one. I guess when the one that is downstairs goes out then the kids will just have to deal with no more videos and we might just need to get a new tv at that point. Oh, and did I mention our microwave went out the other day as well?. . .

Edit: we moved the combo unit from downstairs to upstairs and it is working great, we also found a great dvd player at best buy for $40.00. The cost of all the other crap? $80.00 combo unit, $20.00 rf modulator, $8.00 universal remote, yep, almost $110.00 for something that did not even work, we're saving $70.00 by ditching the videos.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009


Let me be clear, I believe firmly that people who don't immunize their children put the rest of our children at risk, however, it is SO hard to watch your children get their immunizations. Tank had his two month check up today and so the immunization rounds begin. Thankfully, our pediatrician has three of the shots combined into one so he only got poked three times instead of five but to see his sweet little face screaming and see him jump every time they put the needle in breaks my heart. I would rather have him get poked than get the diseases though. Cakes woke up coughing and has been coughing for the past two days so I called this morning and asked if we could just combine tanks appointment with one for cakes and thankfully they were able to do that. Poor cakes has bronchitis and a throat infection. I was supposed to volunteer at cookie's school today but because cakes couldn't go to school I had to cancel on his poor teacher. I felt bad but she is supposed to be on antibiotics for 24 hours before she goes anywhere. My plans for the day have completely changed. Now I'm taking care of a sick little girl and that is taking up most of my time. On a fun note, one of my bridesmaids found me on facebook and I'm adding her blog to my blogroll. See if you can figure out who it is!

Monday, February 2, 2009

Groundhog day and oh yeah, tank is two months old today!

Happy groundhog day! It looks like another 6 weeks of winter according to the groundhog. My kids were cracking up watching the video, they said "that groundhog doesn't know how much more winter we have left!" hee hee. I guess I've passed my realism onto my kids.

On another note, Tank is two months old today, I can't believe how fast the time is going with Tank. I got out the baby toys we have that he can make work, I have one that he pushes on the animal and it plays music and turns on lights and stuff. I also have another that he kicks it and it turns on the music, sounds and lights. So far the one he kicks is his favorite. We decided last night that it was time to get serious about having him sleep in his crib on his own instead of in the swing or in bed with us. Up until now those have been survival tactics but he's quickly outgrowing the swing and I need to sleep in my own, not with a squirmy little boy. He actually did pretty good. We were anticipating a fight with lots of screaming and crying. We got him in some warm pj's, changed his diaper, I nursed him and put him down. He cried on and off for about an hour but the rest of the night he slept great. I know some of you are going to think I'm a terrible mother letting him cry that long but he was fine, all his needs had been met, he just wanted to be held in bed with me. I know this because I pick him up at times like this and he instantly starts smiling at me. I'm being played. It's time for me to get some sleep and for him to use the crib. Anyways, here are some cute pictures of him grinning at the camera!