Thursday, November 20, 2008

It's a great day

I needed to fill the tank in the van tonight, I did my grocery shopping before hand to try to get the 10 cents off per gallon coupon and was very please to see that gas was under 2.00 a gallon. It was 1.99 a gallon. So, I took my 10 cent off coupon, and it was only 38.00 to fill the tank, that is the least I think we have ever paid to fill the tank in the van. I hope it stays this low but sadly, I don't think it will, I think this is a temporary lull in prices and they will go back up again. We still need to combine trips, etc to conserve gas and come up with alternative fuels. I just hope people will continue to remember 4.20 a gallon gas and keep pressuring the government and corporations to come up with a permanent cheap solution that is also environmentally friendly. But, for now I was pleased as could be to only pay 1.89 a gallon! Yipee!


Katie said...

Don't you love it? I never thought I'd see gas under $2/gallon ever again! And yesterday I paid $1.80 at Costco! So Awesome!!

Cheer34 said...

I am still paying $2.49 thank you new york state taxing authority

groovyoldlady said...

Huzzah for cheap (cheap?) fuel!!