Wednesday, November 5, 2008


We recently got this note in the mail from Cakes' school nurse saying she had failed the school eye exam (I had no idea the school had an eye exam). It told us we needed to get her into an eye doctor and check things out. I wasn't too thrilled about the whole thing basically because if she did need glasses I didn't want to deal with them with a 4 year old. Well, HALLELUJAH and praise be. Her appointment was today and the doctor is NOT recommending glasses. She as 20/20- vision which basically means she answered one question wrong, and a slight astigmatism with the doctor says is normal. I'm thankful she doesn't need glasses, that is a huge blessing for us!


Tug said...

How did she fail the school exam? I'd talk to the school about that, that's weird. YAY for no glasses though!

bon said...

We thought for sure that LaLa needed glasses, took her to the doc and got about the same prognosis as Cakes.

Didn't hurt my feelings.

Sushiboy said...

Ah, I'm so happy about this. That is one big headache averted. She can't keep track of her blanket or her stuffed cat, glasses would be terrible. And I didn't want to have to pay for them either :(

Superwoman said...

tug- I'm not sure, she may have just been being silly, she does that from time to time

bon- didn't hurt my feelings either

sushi- lol, it's true isn't it?!