Tuesday, November 25, 2008


I don't feel well today. I woke up feeling achy everywhere and I'm having contractions, real ones that start in my back and come around to the front. I really, really, really want to last until next tuesday. I already have the house all ready for thanksgiving and the groceries are bought and I really want to make it one more week. I'm trying to take it easy today but today is my crazy day with dance class for cakes, school for both kids, I need to mail a host packet for Pampered chef as well as deliver a host packet and close a show. I also have visiting teaching this afternoon. (visiting teaching is where you have a partner and you meet with other women in your ward and give them a lesson and keep in touch with them so the church can keep track of everyone's needs, a neat thing really) I'm trying to rest in between everything as much as possible though. Wish me luck with lasting another 7 days. As much as I want it all to end, I want it to end on MY terms. As in: with the surgeron I want, not the on-call doctor, not over thanksgiving, etc.


Sushiboy said...

Take it easy. Don't do all that stuff! Make me do it :)

leslie the licorice stick lady said...

I agree with Sushi!!!! Did I say that? Well, just in case it wasn't clear enough, let me say it again! I agree with Sushi! (Thanks for the pie plates, again. You're a sweetheart, even when you're not feeling up to it)