Wednesday, August 27, 2008

First Day of School

Lucky you! You get two posts from me today! Today was Sushi and Cookie's first day at school. I got the picture of sushi and cookie and then everything went to crap. I have had a crazy full day and I am exhausted! Here is the picture of the two.


After I took this picture I took sushiboy to the park and ride to catch the bus to school and came home for a few minutes before I went to the gym, I went to the gym, worked out, then came home with 40 minutes before cookie needed to be at school. In that time I needed to get some lunch for the kids and a shower. Not a problem if I hurry. The kids got some lunch and cakes wanted muffins for lunch, she likes them warmed up in the microwave. I needed to hop in the shower still so I did, of course, cakes wants another muffin, I tell her to have cookie help her. All of a sudden I hear her come running into the bathroom thrilled saying "I did it myself mom!" She's done this about a hundred times with my help so I thought she did. I try to finish my shower with the 3 minutes I have left. All of a sudden, Cookie comes bolting into the bathroom and says, "Mom, the microwave is on fire". He grabs Cakes and runs out of the house, I run out of the shower and stop the microwave and open the door and there is smoke pouring out the door of the microwave. The microwave wasn't on fire but the muffin was now a piece of charcoal. Here is the picture of it complete with the 13:05 minutes left when I stopped the microwave.


I had cookie open all the doors in the house and I finished my shower, put some hair stuff in my hair and told everyone to get in the car, we take cookie to his first day of kindergarten and I have to laugh because like every mom there I have my camera, it's like a freaking pauperatzi convention! I do take some pictures though because there is only one first day of kindergarten



While cookie is at school and I only have one child (ok, one and a half) with me I decide to track down more documents for cakes and get to the post office. I dropped off my stuff at the post office then I go to the school where cakes had preschool last year and get copies of all her documents and request they transfer her records to her new school. Then I decide to try to get to the doctors office to see if they can get me some documentation for the social security offices that will prove that she is indeed living and she is who I say she is. (I found out yesterday that a birth certificate doesn't count as ID for a four year old, apparently I need something that proves she is still alive and who I say she is. I either need a letter from the school district saying she is enrolled in school or a letter from her doctor saying he has treated her and she is living. The social security offices say that too many people have stolen the identities of children who are deceased, crazy eigh???) The doctors office is closed and since her new school doesn't have her in the system yet they can't give me the note I need until tuesday when she starts school. I'm basically caught in a gigantic beaurocratic loop. After that I take the copied documents to her new school and tell them they should have her documents by friday. WHEW, all that was accomplished in about an hour. I come home, have lunch and go pick up cookie who had a GREAT first day. The highlight of the day is that they made a gingerbread boy who escaped and is causing havoc all over the school. I think it might take a week to catch him! Anyways, I am exhausted. By one o'clock I had a full day. The rest of the day we have all rested. Cookie is tired and grumpy and I'm just tired. If you made it through this post you deserve a nap, like me!


bon said...

Crap! I ALWAYS forget to take a "first day of school" pic! Grrrr!

G'ma Nasus said...

Good photo of your two boys. Each looks like his father. Like father - like son!

Superwoman said...

bon- it's ok, it was other bloggers who helped me remember, otherwise I think I would have forgotten too. At least we have good excuses right now, right???

g'ma- true, true.

BigSister said...

OH, I can't believe how big the kids are getting! Cookie was so little just last week I'm sure. Look at what a handsome boy he is growing up to be. I hope that Sushi will enjoy school this semester as well. Big Grizz is excited for his classes. He is finally taking the stuff he wants to learn.

Scarlet said...

What kind of sweatshop are they running there?

I see no sewing machines or steam presses.

Lisita said...

Yeah, school time! How fun. :)

leslie the licorice stick lady said...

Superwoman, I don't think they call you "superwoman" for nothing! You truly can fly! Kudos!

HoosierGirl5 said...

I love the picture of Sushiboy and little boy. They are so cute together!

And I love the muffin story. You will never forget that story!