Friday, August 8, 2008

Work Party

Sushiboy and Dadguy had their work party today. Sushi won an IPOD nano, he's pretty excited! I thought it would be fun to get a picture with Bon since we are both due around the same time. I asked sushi to take our picture and he seems to have this uncanny ability to catch me with funny faces. Perhaps I should ask someone else to take pictures for me from now on! Well, they are what they are and it's fun to see both of us belly to belly even though I have a pretty funny expression.



Cakes' birthday party is tomorrow as well as a party for the women's group in my church (the relief society) it should be a busy day. After cakes' party we are heading up to Sushi's cousin's house for HIS birthday party and to drop off the kids. Then, early Sunday morning we will head out of here, pic up big sister and big grizz and head up to Idaho for the viewing on Sunday night and the funeral Monday. We should be back late Monday night. I am once again grateful to my friend licorice stick lady who is once again helping me by teaching the music for me in church on Sunday. What a great friend she is I appreciate that she is willing to help me. I'm also so grateful to Sushi's cousin's wife who is willing to watch our kids for us even though she is pregnant with twins and due a month before me. We owe her BIG time. Well, I'll be back on tuesday with great stories of the crazieness of family and traveling and three parties in one day. whew, here we go. . .


bon said...

Eeeps! And that's a mere 16 pound weight gain por moi! Dadguy assures me that today is a "big" day as opposed to one of my "small" days when it's actually a little hard to tell that I'm pregs.

YOU on the other hand (slightly silly expression notwithstanding)look lovely as ever.

Fantastagirl said...

You gals are just the cutest pregnant women ever! Thank you for sharing. I only wished I looked as awesome as you two!

HoosierGirl5 said...

You look great! I think your belly has grown a bit since I saw you! I wish I could give you a hug!

And Cakes looks adorable as usual.

Hurry up, baby. I want to send baby presents.


Lisita said...

Cute fun pics. Looks like you are having a fun summer! :)