Sunday, August 24, 2008

Kindergarten Orientation

Cookie had his Kindergarten orientation on Wednesday and his assessment on Thursday. He did pretty good. I have noticed he has a tendency to freeze up when he is in a testing situation, a lot of the stuff he knew he couldn't answer for the teacher. She seems to be a good teacher, this is her first year teaching kindergarten, she has taught first, second and third grades and is now trying her hand at kindergarten. I'm sure she'll do fine. I had to shake my head at one of the mothers at orientation, the teacher was explaining that one of the disciplinary measures she would use if necessary would be to take away recess time. Sounds fair to me. However, one of the mothers, in front of everyone (her child and all the other kids there included) starts arguing that the teacher can't take away recess time. State laws say you can't and kids need outdoor time. The teacher calmly replies, actually, recess is a privilege and NOT required, I won't take away the whole time and any motor development that kids need CAN be done in the classroom. I was floored. I can tell who the pain in the butt mom will be. I just hope she isn't the room mother, I certainly don't want to work with someone like this. I would have signed up to be the room mother except I think my life will be a lot busier come December. I couldn't believe that this mother would undermine the teachers authority like this in front of her child. Not surprisingly, she was also arguing and upset with the teacher when the teacher explained that school starts this coming Wednesday. I guess she didn't read the letter she got??? Cookie did great on his assessment. I had to laugh when he told the teacher that we read books backwards (like anime books, can you tell sushi has read a few to him!??) and I was very proud of how well he did with numbers and patterns. I have a very smart boy on my hands!


G'ma Nasus said...

Like father - like son! You have a good gene pool there :)

Katie said...

That's crazy! It's seems like there is always one of those "pain-in-the-behind" people in every group. I seriously wonder what goes on in people's heads sometimes. ;)

Superwoman said...

g-ma- lol yep! you would know! It IS a great gene pool!

katie- me too. I will confront people when the time is right and if it is necessary but that was NOT the right time or place.