Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Star sightings at the Social Security Office

We had a great day today, after the gym and a shower, the kids and I met up with Sushiboy and we went with him to get his books and student card and go to lunch together. It was a lot of fun. After that I figured that since I was in the bigger city with all the offices I would try to replace some of the documents that I seem to have lost. Somehow, I have misplaced Cakes' ssn card, her birth certificate and her immunization record. So I went to the birth and death records office and got a new birth certificate for her and I then went to the social security office. I walk in, get our number and notice a very short black man sitting next to us. Cookie proceeds to stare at him, I tell cookie it's not nice to stare and look again. Yep, Gary Coleman was sitting next to cookie. I wish I could say he was nice and gracious but nope, he just seemed like the "angry elf" on ELF (you know the movie with Will Ferrell). He seemed suspicious and about to lash out at anyone and very grumpy. So, there you have it, my exciting star sighting at the social security offices.



Sushiboy said...

I think he must have short man syndrome

Mel said...

Maybe he thought it was DMV? Everyone is grumpy there :)

I never have any star sightings. I;m jealous.

trkndude299 said...

I see an occasional star, but they are always above me!
I'm posting in light of your post.
You will be here soon.

I hope all your readers here go to hoosiergirls blog and give her a pick-me-up.
This is her most anticipated day ever, and yet, the day she dreaded most.
It's not easy to say "goodbye" to your 1st born.
Ya'll know what I mean!

Anonymous said...

I wonder what he was doing in your neck of the woods?

Yeah, he seems like a bitter, little man.

BigSister said...

I once saw Tom Cruise in the airport in California. I think Sushiboy was there too. It was when they were filming Jerry McGuire. He is short as well. I didn't get to meet him but that's ok, I don't particularly care for him anyway.

Sushiboy said...

Rumor is that he lives in a small town in the same neck of the woods as our small town.